Opening Inner Doorways - Beginning the Journey

Opening Inner Doorways - Beginning the Journey

Date: May 30 at 10:00am to May 31 at 5:00pm

The Opening Inner Doorways workshop is a guided journey in itself, into the realms of awakened conscious awareness. It is an exploration of integration, through the vehicle of the shamanic body, from our identity as an individual ego to that communal, collective awareness of soul. This is an experiential workshop that introduces a spiritual practice which lies at the core of shamanic traditions that have been taught for millennia. We will explore shamanic cosmology and establish the foundations we will be working upon for the rest of the series.

Additional Information:
This workshop is an introductory exploration of shamanic consciousness and journeying. Participants learn to create, maintain and work with the shamanic body in preparation for journeying to the upper, middle and lower worlds. The basic terminology and cosmology of shamanic practice is taught on the first evening. The balance of the workshop is experiential, focusing on active work with the shamanic body in alternate states of consciousness.

Payment information:
The workshop is $350.
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Kenn Day
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Payment plans are available for a limited number of students. Please contact Kenn directly to ask about that.