Reverend Nashan.  President

Reverend Nunn has been a leader in the pagan community for many years.  He has dedicated his life to further the education and spiritual growth of all who choose to walk the path of mysteries.  By serving as leadership for events in the pagan community such as, Pagan Pride Day and ConVocation, he has worked to ensure that all who choose to seek a strong pagan community find one.  Reverend Nunn began his journey as a student of Wicca and has found the principles of Wicca to be the central pillar of his philosophy.  It is his goal to help as many as possible find their path to enlightenment and joy in life.

Board Member

Rodney is a native of SE Michigan who has actively engaged his spiritual calling since the early 1980’s. His practices are rooted in both the Reclaiming and Anderson Feri Traditions, where he unifies his spiritual practices to social responsibility in his daily life. He holds a B.S. (Political Science & Comparative Religion) and an M.S.A. (International Business) both from Central Michigan University; along with a Masters Certificate in Non-Profit Management from Lawrence Technological University. Out in the ordinary world, Rodney runs a Technology Consulting Business Unit. Rounding out his life experience with years of prior Board Level experience with Academic Institutions; National Non-Profit Organizations and Local Community Services Organizations...

Cynthia Day. Board Member

Cynthia has been a lifelong learner of the spiritual and natural world. Following her teachers guidance she found her new abilities and capabilities within herself and now hopes to inspire others in their journey of self. She has studied for the past 2 years and now teaches with the GLEE group in Ohio. Cynthia is also pursuing her calling in the areas of Wicca and Quantum Craft. In her spare time she devotes herself to her family and healing others when she is not serving her community.

Jonathon Bowen/Johnny Khaos. Board Member

I have been a member of the pagan community since the 1992. Started the study of Paganism in the year of 1987 with Buckland’s big blue book (Buckland’s complete book of witchcraft.) and began my studies as a solitaire practitioner. Form those humble beginnings I turned my college studies to comparative regions, philosophy, and Art. Form there I branched out my studies to include Hermitic magic, Gnosticism, Ceremonial Magic, the Golden Dawn, and Crowley’s works. In the year of 1998 I moved to Cleveland, and join a circle in the reclaiming tradition of Wicca. There I studied to become a priest. In that time, I began a study of the Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman faiths. I returned to the metro Detroit area in 2002, where I began to learn parts of the Qabalah, and gematria. This is the point where I began Devouring all the different paths, and magic disciplines I could find which lead me to Chaos Magic, and energy work. In 2015 I was able to train with Kenn Day in post Trible Shamanism, and began to put all this accumulated knowledge together. These years of study and training have helped shape who I am, and as we spin into the future. I wished to share my knowledge and experiences to community. When Pagan Pathways Temple opened, I joined day one. Because here was a place where I could, grow, evolve, and help those in our community. I am on my third year of training to become a member of the temples clergy program. For It is my belief that the community as a whole, will create a better future for all of us. Together we can grow strong! I am honored to serve the pagan community, Pagan Pathways Temple, all people that are apart of what was created, and all those who come in the future

Jim Leach. Board Memberr

Jim practices ceremonial & chaos magick and is a Dedicant to House Kheperu. He has studied Tarot since 2006 and the esoteric Kabbalah since 2016 and has attended Convocation since The Moon. Jim is also a prize-winning playwright and a professionally published writer of dark fantasy fiction. He also paints weird pictures and fashions bizarre masks. Jim is excited to help make the Temple a vibrant resource for enlightenment and spiritual development..

Dominique Jermyn, Marketing Director

Dominique has always loved spirituality and sees spirituality as a means to a fulfilled life. She has been a member of Baptist, Presbyterian, and Lutheran churches, an adherent of Salafi Islam, and now is an active practitioner of The Craft & student of the occult. She has a great passion for learning about various spiritual paths and philosophies. She hopes to use her knowledge to enrich others' lives and improve our society as a whole.

Nancy Gladstone. Treasurer

Nancy has been actively finding her own journey into Paganism since 2015 when she became actively involved with the Pagan community in the Detroit Metro area. She has studied Wicca and Quantum Craft. She is an accountant, realtor, mother and sits on the Pagan Pride Board. She hopes to use her knowledge and skills to make the world a better place

Dani Placinski . Secretary

Dani has been practicing in the Metro-Detroit Pagan community for 15+ years. She was a founding member of a Pagan campus group at Eastern Michigan University, is currently co-leader of her daughter's SpiralScouts circle with her husband, and continues to learn from various spiritual traditions. Dani looks forward to serving the community as best she can..

Devon Walterschied. Board Member

Devon was raised attending a Baptist church, with contrary elements of Atheism and Pantheist Deism providing alternative viewpoints. He found Paganism over twelve years ago, spending most of that time as a solitary practitioner, focusing on Tarot, energetic healing practices, and learning various magickal practices and techniques of will manifestation. Devon discovered the Pagan community a little over a year ago, and since then has been a fervent student of multiple paths and practices, to this day taking varied classes with many teachers, and is currently a student of Post-Tribal Shamanism and the Clergy path at the temple. He is a firm believer in obtaining the knowledge necessary to find and walk one’s own path.